Providing Top Level Service

We tackle some of the highest-profile and technically complex projects in the Pacific Northwest with a team that has the right mix of knowledge, capabilities and experience.

Pride in Our Work

Central to our culture is a fierce sense of pride in the work we do every day, on every project we touch. We will do it right.

Since our founding four decades ago, we have never taken on a project we did not complete. We have always completed our work as planned. That is a remarkable record of achievement.

By continually investing in technology and our people, D&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. is able to ensure higher productivity, superior performance and ultimately the most value for our clients.

Company Background

D&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. is an electrical construction firm in the Pacific Northwest. We provide comprehensive solutions starting at the design stage and continuing through project completion into Client Operations.

We serve a diverse group of markets including:

D&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1978. Since then we have become a full service Electrical Contractor, capably performing work on a vast portfolio of projects with contract values ranging from <$1 Million to $15 Million.

We approach each project as it were our own. Our professionals provide services that ensure clients can make decisions that provide long term service, sustainability, and comfort.

Commitment To Safety

D&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. is committed to the safety of the general public and all individuals present on the jobsite. We are diligent about ensuring a safe jobsite and have extremely low incident rates reflecting our drive to continuously improve our safety culture and eliminate risk on every project.

We approach each project with a comprehensive, site specific accident prevention program that is compliant with all governing agencies. Each program addresses and provides guidance concerning safety concepts associated with general construction activities as well as trade and project specific activities. D&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. helps to identify potential issues during the course of a project in advance, ensuring we are prepared to execute each task safely and confidently.

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Founded in 1978, D&S Electrical Contractors is one of the most experienced commercial electrical contractors in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in healthcare and educational facilities, offering pre-construction planning, design/build, design/assist, and electrical system installation services.

Main Office
915 Port Way
Clarkston, WA 99403
Seattle Office
19622 70th Ave S Bldg 3-3
Kent, WA 98032